This past Saturday my best friends, Reese and Chelsea got married. In the sad and hard times we find ourselves in, Saturday night will be a flame and a light in my heart and in my mind. I saw a room full of people bless a love and a relationship. I saw a room full of people uplift themselves and each others. In dark times, those moments of joy are what we live for. Those moments are why we keep living, they are what we are fighting for.

What follows is the toast I gave to two of my favorite people in the world….

“Hello! Hi there! Good evening! If you don’t know me already my name is Susie. I’m Reese’s little sister, and their best friend. And I’m Chelsea’s best friend, and now she’s my sister. I am honored to give this toast tonight. Can’t believe I was chosen. Though to be fair, I did tell them they had to let me do it.

But seriously, it really is an honor to be up here tonight. It is a testament to Chelsea and Reese’s love that probably anyone in this room could get up and give this toast.

I have had the joy and luck to be close to two such beautiful people for most of my life. I’ve seen them together for over a decade now, and I don’t think love like theirs happens all that often.

I have watched them care for and support each other. I have seen them be each other’s best and loudest cheerleader. They never hesitate a second to sing the praises of one another.

I have watched them play and sing and dance together. I have seen them full of unbounded joy and gratitude. To watch the two of them enjoy, love, and respect each other is enough to make my day, every time.

Through the thickest and the thinnest I have watched them hold each other. And I have watched that love echo and spread out over their friends and family. To know them is to understand how important it is to laugh, no matter what. To know them is to understand the love we must feel for each other to make a different, better world. To know Reese and Chelsea is to know what love looks like, and to know what it means to be loved.

Thank you for being here for me. Thank you for being here for each other. Thank you for showing all of us how deeply and beautifully love can run through each of us. I love you both endlessly.

On that note…everyone please raise your glasses. A toast to you, Chelsea and Reese. To your love, to your health, your wealth, and your happiness.”

Watch a video of the toast here along with a ton of other beautiful tear-jerking videos of the wedding.




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